Political Sponsors

UpdatedTuesday January 23, 2018 byDan Hanley.

West Scanton Little League has been asked about why we have political signs hanging on our fields. 

WSLL will accept sponsorship from any reputable business or entity that is willing to support our League.  Simply put West Scranton Little League is not endorsing any candidate or business when we hang a sign.  That sponsor is supporting us.

Politics is put aside. 

Last year West Scranton Little league had over 300 players in our organization.  The monetary costs are staggering to run a league of this size. All support is welcome and needed.

WSLL Board of Directors took this concern to Little League International in Williamsport PA to verify that our policy was within the beliefs and tenets of Little League Baseball.  Little League International responded that WSLL is acting perfectly within the structure and ideals of Little League Baseball.

Any questions can be directed to any board member.

WSLL Board of Directors