Message from WSLL President

UpdatedMonday July 6, 2020 byT. Selemba.

A Message from WSLL President:

The West Scranton Little League has an outstanding history regarding player safety as it is of the utmost importance!  The West Scranton Little League Board of Directors has worked diligently and tirelessly to make little league baseball fun, exciting, and safe for all of our players and fans.  In addition to an exciting game we aim to teach hard work, personal responsibility, success, defeat, diversity, and teamwork in a safe environment! We view each one of our players as part of our family and aim to assist in any way possible.  We have attempted to make our facilities and fields as safe as possible for all of our players, coaches and spectators. Please review our Covid-19 Response Plan and supplemental information so you and help keep our WSLL Family safe during these trying times. Additionally Pennsylvania Little League District 17/32 has required a waiver of liability. This waiver can be found here. Parents are requested to print and sign the waiver, and retrun to your coach. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact any of our WSLL Board of Directors or our Covid-19 Response Officer Rachel Scotch @ 570-840-6573.  

Thank you,

  Tommy Selemba